What’s the rush?

With every year older I get, the age of those around me popping out babies and desperate to have a ring on THAT finger seems to dramatically lower. When my parents and grandparents were in their late teens, early twenties the done thing was to marry young, settle down and reproduce. And it seems that notion isn’t lost on the youth of today.

Amidst government re-calls to raise the age of consent in the UK, and a week-long tailor made Channel 4 series aimed at the active underage demographic let loose up and down the country, it does make me wonder, are any of the teens taking any notice of the message that is being portrayed to them? In my town alone, I think not.

The sheer amount of under 21’s pushing prams seems to stagger me somewhat. Here I am, 22 years old, single, no chance of any love life any time soon, and the thought of a baby added to the mix scares the beejesus out of my me, so when did a baby and a marriage become desired?

Maybe its the thought of being a ‘grown-up’. Having to look after a baby and a husband and a dog, probably thrown in along the way just for good measure. Maybe the idea of being a young, cool, fashionable mum. You only have to open a copy of this week’s Heat to see Coleen Rooney doting on her little boy or Jessica Alba dressing her daughter as a ‘Mini Me’. Not an inch of baby fat in sight and only the look of blissful motherhood on their faces.

Or maybe the answer is alot more simple than that. A sign of the times, as we move forward, our views on motherhood and marriage go in the opposite direction, dating back to when we were born and it was acceptable to be a ‘young mum’.

Just come and ask me my views in another ten years. See if I myself has given birth by then and how my attitude has changed. But for now, never thought I would admit, but I’m happy being alone and child-less. Plus it makes a trip to Topshop alot easier without a screaming sprog in tow.

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